Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Songtradr's Essential catch-up AUGUST 2019



essential catch-up.

Enjoy news, highlights, and placements with some of the best music discovered on Songtradr.
Italian-American drama thriller, The Burnt Orange Heresy is due for release next month and stars a notable cast including iconic rocker, Mick Jagger. We're very pleased to share Daniel Roure's placement in the film with his laid-back, French tune, "J'ai Vu".

Centered around the lives and trials of five diverse manicurists in Central Florida, TNT network's TV show,Claws brings us a varnish, buff and polish alongside The Juveniles' vintage track, "Beat in My Heart".
A fitting analogy for the L.A. crack cocaine epidemic in 1983,Snowfall is on FX. Also fitting is snappy 80s-inspired track, "You Bring Out the Best in Me" by D.I.T. Band.
If you guessed upcoming comedy film Vampires vs. the Bronx was about vampires invading the Bronx, you guessed right. Congrats to Bentley Foy for his placement with pulsating track, "Uno Dos Tres".
Bad Bad Hats are no strangers to the music industry, having been doing their excellent thing for almost a decade. Check out their track, "Makes Me Nervous", recently placed on Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, where things aren't always so perfect.
With their NO BOUNCE fit, ultimate sports bras, Shefitbrings a smoother experience for women of all shapes and sizes. Accompanying their latest online ad is Aleksey Zaykov's bouncing track, "Life Style Future Bass".
The original Popsicle is back with double the fun and sunny track, "Happiness Joy and Fun" by Audiosphere.
Indie film, Miss Virginia chronicles the struggles of a mother who sacrifices all to provide a good education for her son. "In the Building" by B-Bless has been picked up for the soundtrack.


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Distribution Artist of the Month:
Nigerian-born, Maryland artist, Mannywellz has over 4,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and shared the stage with Erykah Badu, Jidenna and more.

Featured Artists of the Month:
Super excited to feature such talent in our promo blasts and on our site. Coastal Wives (pictured), Goodwood Atoms, Marshall Magic, Alvin Garret, Caracol, and Redamancy.
College Radio Selects of the Month:
5 hot artists chosen for promotion across 300+ college radio stations around the country through our partnership with one of America's leading promoters. Congrats to John Davey (pictured), Merō, The Lost Patrol, The Objex and May Black.

Guest Curators of the Month:
Music supervisors, Angela Jollivette (pictured) and Joel C. High, brought us outstanding selections from our talented Songtradr artists; "Hip-Hop Beats" and "In a Gospel Mood" respectively.

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